1. Data Protection Declaration
We are delighted that you have chosen to visit our website. Protecting the privacy of users of our website is of utmost importance to us.

2. Anonymous data collection
You can visit web pages published by Bäumler Fashion GmbH without disclosing your identity. We only receive the name of your internet service provider, the web pages from which you are visiting our site and the pages on our website that you are visiting. This information is analysed for statistical purposes. Your anonymity as an individual user is preserved.

3. Collection and processing of personal data
Personal data is only collected, when you provide it to us, for example in order to fulfil the requirements of a contract, to complete a survey or when registering for personalised services. Within the scope of Bäumler Fashion GmbH’s personalised services, your registration information is only processed, subject to your consent, for the purpose of advertising and market research and to facilitate the configuration of electronic services in line with customer needs. Furthermore, subject to your consent, information that you have accessed when you visit the Bäumler Fashion GmbH web pages is collated to construct a user profile. This enables us to provide you with advertising material and offers that are tailored to your personal preferences and requirements.

4. Export and processing of data in states outside the European Economic Area
Data shall not be exported to states outside the EEA.

5. Use and transfer of personal data
The personal data collected on the Bäumler Fashion GmbH web pages will only be used without your permission for the fulfilment of the contract and to process your enquiries. Your data will not be transmitted to any other third parties. You may of course revoke the consent you have granted in this respect at any time with future effect.

6. External links
In order to provide you with the best information possible, our web pages contain links to third party sites. We will inform you that the link is external, unless this fact is obvious. Bäumler Fashion GmbH has no control over the content and design of other providers' websites. The guarantees provided by this data protection declaration therefore do not apply to them.

7. Additional information and contact details
Please contact our company’s data protection officer if you have further questions concerning data protection at Bäumler Fashion GmbH. Please contact us by post or email at any time if you would like to make any suggestions, if you would like to request information or if you would like your data to be deleted or corrected.


General terms of use for the contents of
Bäumler Fashion GmbH
Eriagstraße 8
85053 Ingolstadt

Use of the image database and the contents contained therein is subject to the following terms of use. The image database may only be used when you agree to comply with the contents of the following terms of use. Please note: before it is printed, each design must be approved by Bäumler Fashion GmbH by email (PDF) or by means of a hard copy (june.carruthers@ewm.co.uk).

1. General
1.1 Bäumler Fashion GmbH makes the following materials on the image database available to download:
- Logotypes and graphic trademarks owned by Bäumler Fashion GmbH (logos etc.),
- Campaign materials associated with the latest season
1.2 There shall be no claims to specific content. Bäumler Fashion GmbH is entitled to provide additional and/or different content at any time (e.g. from the previous season) or to remove content from the image database without prior notice.
1.3. Illegal use may lead not only to civil but also to criminal proceedings.

2. Use of the content
2.1 You are entitled to use the content after obtaining consent from Bäumler Fashion GmbH to assist in the design of your own promotions to the extent that it is used to support your own advertising campaigns for the purpose of marketing and image promotion (hereinafter denoted as ‘activities’). The following activities are permissible for individual content:
2.1.1 Logotypes and graphic trademarks
- national and international advertisements in Europe, the Middle East, Canada (e.g. advertising campaigns)
- Printed materials (advertisements, flyers, postcards, invitations, Drittmagazine/ Innenleben magazines)
- Mailshots
- Promotions
- Advertising materials in shops / POS
- Brochures
- Press releases
- Internet advertisements published by specific third parties
2.1.2 Promotional campaign material
- national and international advertisements in Europe, the Middle East, Canada (e.g. advertising campaigns)
- Printed materials (advertisements, flyers, postcards, invitations, Drittmagazine/ Innenleben magazines)
- Mailshots
- Promotions
- Advertising materials in shops / POS
- Brochures
- Press releases
- Internet advertisements published by specific third parties
2.2 The contents may only be used in an appropriate advertising environment. The right of use is prohibited in connection with pornographic, defamatory and libellous issues or any other issues and representations which contravene statutory regulations.
2.3 All content that is available on the image database is protected by copyright and trademark laws in favour of Bäumler Fashion GmbH. Within what is permissible under the rights of use as defined in point 2.1, Bäumler Fashion GmbH grants you a simple, non-exclusive, non-transferable right of usage that is limited by time and content. No charges shall be made when granting user rights. Use of all content is granted for a limited period (expiring after a year), i.e. you need to have made use of the content for your own purposes within this period. At the end of the season, all user rights will expire and it is necessary to download the latest version of the image database for new activities.
2.4 The content may not be altered or falsified in any significant way. Modifications that constitute a significant change include the loss of the character of the content, e.g. if inappropriate external logos are included or if a reference to the trademarks owned by Bäumler Fashion GmbH can no longer be established. Information and references to copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights may not be removed. If such information is not available, the content can only be used if the activities include a reference to the trademarks owned by Bäumler Fashion GmbH. You are therefore specifically required to use the logotypes and graphic trademarks of each collection created by Bäumler Fashion.
2.5 Bäumler Fashion GmbH is entitled to request a file copy of the activities you have already carried out or plan to carry out. This shall be provided at your own expense.
2.6 You may not permit third parties to use our content. The content may not be sold on or be offered in any way (e.g. via free downloads, duplication) unless this has been explicitly authorised by Bäumler Fashion GmbH beforehand in writing.
2.7 The content may only be used in a way that goes beyond these terms of use if this has been authorised beforehand in writing by Bäumler Fashion GmbH.

3. Revocation of rights of use
3.1 Bäumler Fashion GmbH is entitled to deprive you of your right to use this image database if there has been a significant infringement of these rights of use and is also entitled to revoke the rights of use that have been granted. A significant infringement is deemed to have occurred if you fail to provide a file copy as outlined in point 2.5 of these terms of use.
3.2 If the right of use is revoked, you are obliged to permanently delete or destroy any content that has been downloaded and/or printed. You are required upon request to make an affirmation in lieu of an oath that you have deleted or destroyed the content. An obligation to delete or destroy content does not apply to activities you have carried out or promotional catalogues you have produced in which the content complies with these terms and conditions of use.

4. Liability
4.1 Bäumler Fashion GmbH cannot guarantee the suitability or usability of the content and that it will contribute towards the success of your activities that you intend to carry out.
4.2 The liability of Bäumler Fashion GmbH shall be limited to willful misconduct and gross negligence. Liability in cases of minor negligence is excluded. This only does not apply if Bäumler Fashion GmbH, its legal representatives or vicarious agents have culpably breached a material contractual duty.

5. Ancillary provisions
5.1 The terms of use presented here govern the use of our image database definitively. We reserve the right to amend these terms of use at our own discretion. The most recently published version of the terms of use apply.
5.2 The place of performance for all obligations arising from the contractual relationship is the registered office of Bäumler Fashion GmbH. The sole place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes arising from this agreement is Ingolstadt, Bavaria.
5.3 The terms of use and all associated legal procedures are exclusively governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Any recourse to other legal systems is excluded. The Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded.

6. Contacts
If you are unsure about your rights that are outlined in this agreement or if you would like to use our content in a way that is not permitted under these conditions, please contact June Carruthers at june.carruthers@ewm.co.uk

7. Citing the originator and source
Each time the user makes use of our content, he or she must cite Bäumler Fashion GmbH and the originator in the customary way and as far as is technically possible on the image itself or at the end of the page. The user must provide the name of the photographer when uploading the image in the following way, for example:
© (YEAR) Kathrin Schafbauer Photography/ BÄUMLER

Bäumler Fashion GmbH
Eriagstraße 8
85053 Ingolstadt

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